Normalize the Democrats

Their’s only one way to “Normalize” the Democrats.

I use the word the way the dictionary uses it. Which is: To bring the Democrats back to reality. WE Have to do it in a way that Republicans haven’t wanted to work with the Democrats in the past. It has to be done. There is no more time to see if the Democrats Finally come to their senses.

The way to “Normalize” the democrats so that we can work with them in the future (their not going away) is too…

Let me say something about the Repblcans first. Mistake #1, The GOP stepped away from working with the Democrats thinking that would insult them and bring them to the bargaining table. That worked as much as Mistake #2, “we won’t educate our kids! The kids will see how our ways are superior to the Democrats and we can just work on managing money. Yeah! That worked!

To Normalize the Democrats is: Do to them as they do to the GOP! We need Republicans that will do what Republicans of the past wouldn’t do. They need to work with more than the checkbook. Politics isn’t limited to money. Its management of resources. When your a project manager, you have to deal with the companies politics and still get the project completed within budget, within politics, within the workers, within the calendar (which includes sick days, vacation days, TRAINING etc. And you need new workers!

We can no longer say, “eck, I don’t want to do that!


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