Why Universal Background Checks Should Bother You

About Me, so you know where I’m coming from

I’m just a regular guy. 69 and retired. I was a Computer Analyst when I worked and then became a Paralegal. I’m not a professional writer so please excuse the mistakes. I own a handgun (many types) and long gun owner (AR-15 sporting gun). NRA member and GOA member. I’m a conservative but, that REALLY doesn’t matter for this article.

About President Trump

I like MOST of the things President Trump does, BUT he’s selling you and me down the river on this for purely political motivation! He has no core values that can be depended upon. He is a salesman that will trade anything that he feels he can get value for – The Art of The Deal. I will vote for him vs. anything the Democratic Socialists parade in front of us.

You, thinking about a gun, you do own a hand gun and or a long gun now

If your thinking about a gun, or you do own a gun the ramifications about this are far reaching and tremendous and have incredible consequences. And you need to read what will probably be a long article with something in the end to think about.

The Killing Of The Masses Situation

As you know, there have been a number of mass shootings that have occurred in schools, shopping malls, offices, parking lots etc. Some have had white supremist overtones, others have had over tones of politics of the left and still others have had over tones of politics of the right.

The situation and what needs to be done

Obviously, we want the shootings to stop. And I don’t know if I have any great insights here but, what is available today is not working (what an overstatement).

Why this article

I don’t want to see a small group taken advantage of to make a larger group feel better and little or nothing is gained to actually stop shootings accept in self-defense situations. This article is limited to Universal Background Checks and the adverse ramifications in my opinion. And maybe a thought or two of what my be possible. I will to the best of my ability not point fingers at right or left but will target President Trump and his compromises (hint: they’re not good. NOTHING SOLVED but the small group won’t fell good again and the large group will fell like they attained something substanial (they won’t)

The AR-15

The AR-15 is a skeletonized sporting rifle. Its been called and is a military rifle. It is less powerful (generic AR-15 type used in Vietnam) than the average deer rifle. It doesn’t have a wood cabinet around the metal frame and to some people looks more “dangerous” when in reality like I said the average deer rifle is more powerful. Heck it shoots a .22 sized bullet. You know the one you shoot at the beach or a carnival. It does have more powder behind the bullet but it’s still a .22. So, it doesn’t have the wood because it becomes heavier for the GI to carry. The same for the deer hunter. NO magic in the way it looks or the way it works. Its just lighter. People have been lying about this rifle for so long! I shoot my AR-15 in its original caliber or as a real .22 caliber plinker for years. Since the bullet (the important piece) is the same caliber its a 3 minuet conversion and its cheaper to practice with. Lots of rifles (lots) are Semi Automatic. Most if not all modern handguns are semi-automatic. Nothing new here since 1911. The only handguns that aren’t that I can think of are the old six-guns you see in westerns. People that tell you differently are just trying to create a “FEAR FACTOR”.

What’s being proposed: Universal Background Checks (UBC) should bother the HELL OUT OF YOU!

If your currently a gun owner and/or a concealed carry permit owner, BE BOTHERED! And I am trying to sound the alarm here! This is NOT an NRA or GOA member thing. This is purely a 2nd amendment issue and if this goes through there will be unintended consequences of unmanageable proportion. Think things are bad now? Wait.

Civil Rights

What civil right do you know that has a condition on it? The first example people use is the 1st amendment. They say you can’t yell “fire” in a crowded situation. But, what if there is a “fire”? Otherwise there is no limit of the freedom of speech even though it has hurt a lot of people. I won’t go through the examples. While “sticks and stones” are thrown by President Trump all the time, No one is hurt. The Left however uses language to agitate people all the time. Look at the situation is front of Senator McConnel this weekend. People that said they wanted to stab him in the heart, ring his scrawny, wrinkle ass neck I believe is the phrase. How much different are these then yelling “fire” in a movie theater?

Does the 1st amendment cost anything? Do we need to get a background check or permit to use this kind of language? Why aren’t these people identified and put on a hate registered database so when any court case comes up concerning them we can deal with it? Now realize people with guns are registered and people that act inappropriately are already identified and noted.

What Trump is trading and what’s the return?

#1 He’s trading UBC for other political trading issues!

#2 UBC work for people that are upstanding citizens!

#3 What isn’t being background checked now?

#4 Will UBC Stop the mass shootings?

#5 What Unintended consequences or intended consequences happen when this goes in to effect? (a) you won’t be able to sell your gun (b) your gun will be worth less (c) you’ll have to go to a dealer to sell the gun to a 3rd party (d) New laws will have to be written to enact the policies for the ATF (e) there will be new crimes defined




More is being written

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