Trump Is Uniting Americans!

To discuss this first, you need to cancel out all the white noise. That means what you heard from the media, your school, your friends, etc. Have an open mind is just a suggestion.

President Trump (yes I believe he and the office deserve the respect to call it as it is… He’s the President of the United States.

As President, he has accomplished a lot and I’m not going to list all his accomplishments to date. If you are on the right we know what a lot of those are including the MCUSA Treaty etc. If you are on the left, you don’t know all he has accomplished and probably don’t care. But see that’s where the “Uniting Americans” comes in. With all the things he has accomplished since they’re real, AMERICAN CITIZENS feel them in their pocket every day.

Tax cuts (who needs the media to spread the word about this? EVERY AMERICAN knows their PAYING LESS for the SAME GOVERNMENT and maybe more.

Religious Freedom?

2nd Amendment?

Employment (NOT unemployment)

Prison Sentencing. While I agree with the theory of this one, I don’t agree with its implementation.

I could go on but by now you get the idea. These are all things that no mater your skin color, they mean something to you. And that’s where the affect of unifying comes together.



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