Real Corruption in the U.S. isn’t Joe Biden

If your old enough to have attended Civics Class in Jr. High and High School I’ll bet you missed the biggest case for corruption displayed plainly in front of you and you missed it (except for the people you vote for in the U.S. Congress and U.S. Senate). And because of that you’ll pay for it your whole working life as a penalty.

I’m going to discuss this in broad generalities and we all know that invites a lot of speculation. I will however, get to a very focused point. It won’t be a general. It will be specific. And I hope it will make you mad when your smacked in the face with it. Because it will be your fault it happened and keeps happening! Now, this discussion gets a little in the weeds but hang in there it’ll be worth it!

In the formation of the United States, we had a lot of different kinds of people made the trip across the Atlantic Ocean. Sent (mainly) by England, called undesirables (kinda like what Hillary called people of this good country that didn’t agree with her views).

Well, as we’re taught, people that didn’t agree with the Church of England, those guilty of misdemeanors and/or felonies etc. These good people were the chosen ones to have come up with the golden document we call “The Constitution”. I personally think this was a marvelous document (NOT needing re-writing but maybe an amendment or two would be nice).

In theory we had the 13 colonies. And the constitution laid out how things would work. One of those being, “The Commerce Clause”. The framers of the document we’re afraid all the way through the process not to give the government to much power all in one place. That’s why we have and you hear about the 3 co-equal different branches of the government (The Administration of the Presidency, The Legislative Branch and the Judicial Branch).

The framers of the constitution were afraid of Presidential power and limited the terms to 2. They weren’t afraid of the judicial branch and gave them lifetime appointments. But the legislative branch they didn’t consider at all (that I know of) and thought that the voters could be responsible for their government (not considering how devious Congressmen and Senators could be at hiding corruption in their offices).

Back to the 13 colonies… The framers knew each colony (consider it a state for this discussion) “could take care of itself” re: self regulation (called intrastate commerce). However, they put in “The Commerce Clause” so that the colonies could buy and sell between themselves on a standard and procedural way (called interstate commerce) for trading corn, tobacco, leather goods etc. This part still works today.

The constitution says: that all power goes to the state except where it is explicitly written. Meaning if the constitution doesn’t say explicitly that the federal government can’t collect taxes then the federal government can collect taxes. Then it’s up to the state to collect taxes if need be.

The part that doesn’t work… Where the graft AND THE POWER of CONGRESSMEN and SENATORS arrives is when they voted in that congress has the right through the commerce clause to regulate those things that aren’t in the constitution! An example: Education. Because schools all use pencils and the like, the federal government has the right to govern schools because of the commerce clause within a state! And it goes on with other parts of the government.


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